Japan’s 8.9 Earthquake 2011

I have been watching the news since early morning about the earthquake in Japan. The damage is insane. I also know someone who lives in the Miyagi prefecture about 30-40 min away from Ishinomaki City. As everyone is aware, the phone lines are either down or overwhelmed so it’s difficult to contact anyone in Japan. I am also under the impression that power may be out in the area as well, so it would be difficult for my friend to reach out to his friends and family back home in America. All we can do is hope he’s all right and he didn’t leave his town that day to go closer to the coast.

I have another friend stationed down on the tip of Honshu that extends out to Kyushu. He hasn’t updated his facebook, blog or logged online so I hope he’s okay. I heard that his city received 6 foot wave tsunamis so hopefully he was able to evacuate if he was in a danger zone. Then again, he may not have power either in his area–so I hope whatever is going on that he is fine!

Japan has it’s hands quite full at the moment. Searching for missing persons from the tsunamis up in Miyagi prefecture, handling the nuclear plants continuation of overheating and leaking radiation, picking up the pieces in the areas that they can that were affected by the earthquake and attempting to get through the debris that the tsunami caused. The death toll rises by the hour and it doesn’t make anyone feel any better about the issue. My thoughts and wishes go out to the people effected by this horrible disaster and I hope that they are safe and someplace warm.

My grandmother called me early this morning asking if I had heard about the earthquake and tsunamis, and we talked a little about the issue. Where I will be living was not anywhere near where the epicenter was located or where the tsunamis hit. The coast in Kumamoto prefecture had a warning/advisory in effect, but the people from my school informed me that everything is fine there and that the day when on with business as usual for the city.

Am I shaken up from this horrible event to the point where I will change my plans? No. I am still going to Japan. I am still moving there–however, I have realized the importance of learning about earthquake and tsunami precaution and how having a plan when things go down is important. I will definitely be getting myself an earthquake precaution kit complete with hardhat in the event something happens down where I’ll be.