Born This Way

I have a confession… I, at first, didn’t like Lady Gaga’s new song but it ended up growing on me. I know it sounds like Express Yourself by Madonna, but judging by the fact she hasn’t come forth with any angry words or lawsuits I’ve basically come to terms with the fact that Madonna okay’d it, or it isn’t close enough to Madonna’s song. I dunno, you all remember when Ice Ice Baby came out, right? And Queen & David Bowie had a cow and claimed that Vanilla Ice stole their beat? Madonna hasn’t done that yet.

Anyways, here is Lady Gaga’s new music video. It is so awkward! Leave it to Lady Gaga to offend and engage you at the same time. I really have no idea how to describe the first part of this video. Lady Gaga was totally giving birth, wasn’t she? The evil chick gave birth to a gun from her crotch, didn’t she? All the crystal stuff reminded me of the old Super Man movies. As much as I love Lady Gaga, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the whole story Scientologists believe. Either way, I suppose it was fun to watch. It made me envious of Lady Gaga’s body! God, I want to have an ass like hers!

Which allows me to segway into my next thought. I cannot wait to karaoke in Japan. Hopefully I get Golden Week off so I can talk Jake into visiting me (because I will not have the funds to take a train up to see him since I won’t get paid until June). I want to karaoke even though it’s probably a financially stupid idea–but one needs to have fun!