You should see me in a crown

Just replace “BARROWMAN!” with “MOFFAT!”

And then I found out about Sherlock, and I fell in love with the show because of that funny looking, sharp-as-hell cheekboned boy. It really is too bad that the seasons are so short. I love the fact each episode is 90 minutes long, but I want more time with the characters. More Moriarty. It really is too bad that I don’t have much of anybody to talk to about these two wonderful shows. Mom, Dan, grandma? That’s a hint. Hop to it!


I began kendo again after a long hiatus. I took a break back in June because I was studying for the JLPT N4 test–which I passed. I’m due for N3 in December. After which (if I pass) I will be taking a break from the tests and focusing on conversational Japanese. I had my first kendo class last weekend and I got my bogu armor set (hand-me-down) which I fell in love with. Yes, it’s used, but I love it. It’s different and unique. It’s old, with character. It’s amazing. The stitching is purple and everything is just good. It’s just perfect. Well, almost perfect. But it’s close enough. I bought a bokken for practicing alone (it’s heavier than a shinai).

I’m going to Tokyo later this month (on the 22nd). I will go to a art museum for some geeky Evangelion fun, the ghibli museum, Akihabara, Asakusa, Tokyo SkyTree, and some other awesome places yet to be determined. Nick and his wife want me to go to the huge Gundam statue. I will sure try, but I cannot promise.

Yeah, baby!

My phone is on the fritz. It’s broken, and I am looking for a new phone which means a new email address if I switch. I will not be going to iPhone and I’ll be switching back to an Android OS phone (YES). There will be mass emails when/if I get it. Don’t worry. The number should stay the same, so no worries there. Not like any of you know my number. But the email will change. Completely. No choice. I’ll be changing providers.


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