Many people have woken up in America to find that many sites, such as Reddit and Wikipedia, have gone offline for the day in protest of what could very well become a reality if the two bills SOPA and PIPA pass. However, if you’re reading this it probably means that you are not without some base knowledge of your own regarding the issue.

SOPA is a House bill and PIPA is a senate bill. Apparently the Senate tends to be more older and conservative than the House. We can only hope that they’ve brushed up on information regarding the internet.

You can read more about their differences and even look at a wonderful chart to show you the differences between the two and what they will do if passed here (which is currently dark in protest for January 18th):

You can also watch this awesome video that tells you about PIPA and SOPA:

You can also learn about your senators and what they stand for regarding the bill here:

Please, do not stand idly by and hope that things smooth themselves out. Do not wait until it is too late to act upon this. It is hard to fathom something like this actually happening and it’s hard to imagine censorship to the degree the bill claims it can be enforced but it is real and it can happen. Please let your senator know how you feel.


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