Eating words has never given me indigestion

Within the last month I have been realitively busy. After my trip to Osaka I went on a trip to Okinawa with my company which was a wonderful experience. The downpoint of the entire trip was that it rained a little every day and there weren’t really any clear skies. However,Β I did end up scuba diving, swimming in the ocean and even helping a hermit crab change it’s shell.

[Video will be placed here at a later time]

The first day we arrived in Okinawa we ate Okinawa soba which looks a lot more like ramen than soba. The flavor was good and I enjoyed the entire experience. There was so much to eat–I couldn’t finish it. Actually, I had placed myself on a diet prior to going to Okinawa and when I arrived I threw that diet out of the window so I could enjoy the food. Unfortunately we didn’t have Taco Rice (yes, “taco”. No, not “tako”) which is a famous Okinawan food. After that my group went to the man-made cave the Japanese used in defense against the Americans in WW2. It was a very eerie experience. There were rooms with bullet holes in them, scattered holes from suicide grenades, etc. The museum seemed to paint Americans in a negative light (respectfully so, given some of the things that happened) but it made me feel a little out of place. They had some amazing photographs though–like one of the sky that looked as though it was covered in the trails of shooting stars–but it was bullets.

After that we headed to a pretty interesting castle. The thing to keep in mind about castles in Okinawa is that they don’t really look anything like Japanese castles. The culture in Okinawa is more closely resembled to that of China–or a country close to it. The castles and the scenery were beautiful, though. I really enjoyed sightseeing.

The hotel was beautiful. I have never stayed in such a nice hotel. My balcony over looked the ocean and it was beautiful and blue. Sleeping in an actual western style bed was also heaven for me.

I went scuba diving which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. All I can say is I want to do it again, and again, and again. I hope that I can, even if it isn’t done in Okinawa.

Unfortunately it rained the entire time during my trip so I didn’t get to have nearly as much beach time as I wanted. And of course it was sunny and hot the day we had to leave to go back to Kumamoto.

And that’s all I can write for now because I stupidly put off typing this. 😦


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