I’ll never shop Dell again…

I don’t normally like to brag, but I’ve been having problems with Dell since March. I bought a computer back in March but since then have had nothing but problems. I’ve had repairs done on it twice. There are two more issues  that were supposed to be replaced before my departure for Japan but the lady I spoke to on Dell Technical Support must have misunderstood me when I said, “I have dead pixels in the LCD screen you replaced, and I have a component that was damaged in the repair that is jutting into my faulty screen.”

All that happened was an incorrect part was sent which had to be sent back. So, my computer wasn’t fixed before I came to Japan. Dell refused to help me or offer any sort of support for me to help me before I left and refused to give me some sort of compensation for the time I spent that was now lost for naught as well as Dell wasting my time by sending the incorrect part.

In fact, it should be known that today when I called Dell, they put it in my file that one of the broken components had been fixed when that was far from the case. They had to back log and check for the shipping information to realize that it was the incorrect part they sent and thus nothing was fixed. After that they still refused to do much more than what they would do for any Joe shmoe. Things will get fixed, but it’s nice to know that over the past 4 months of my problems with Dell that they aren’t willing to do anything more than what they would for any other person.

It’s unfortunate. I would rather buy a Mac than a Dell.


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