Living in Japan

To those of you who still stick around, I am here to inform you I am still alive–but not by much! I never thought that I would have been one who is susceptible to something the Japanese call “kousa”. It refers to the Chinese yellow dust that finds its way over to Japan on the wind and infects the people with not-so-fun allergies. I would rather take Minnesota allergies over this any day.

Over the past two weeks I have begun teaching my classes, got sick and took my sick day and stayed at home the entire time, saw a volcano (Mt. Aso), went to Amakusa and helped clean up the beach and then had some Japanese BBQ. I’ve eaten basashi (raw horse meat) and I’ve been sicker than a dog the past 3-4 days from a cold and Aeolian Dust.

One great thing is that health care is affordable. The first time I went to the doctor everything (including prescriptions) cost about 19$ USD. I went on a Sunday after things got really bad and the doctor there took an x-ray, blood tests, have me some time with a nebulizer for my lungs, and gave me two prescriptions. All for the low, low price of about 54$ USD. I was very surprised. Coming from America, where when they say x-ray and blood tests you immediately think your bill has jumped to $300-400+ USD. Not to mention it being on a weekend brings it up to about $200 USD or so.

All in all I like Kumamoto and I will be uploading videos as soon as I get the motivational drive to go through all the footage I’ve taken thus far. Perhaps I’ll just make it easy and upload the shots in pieces and explain about them as I go along until I catch up. 🙂

Currently it’s getting hotter out, and it’s only going to get worse.


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