Blogspot vs WordPress

I recently obtained an account with both blogging sites and have come to the conclusion, after playing around with them both, that I enjoy WordPress much more than Blogspot. It may quite possibly be due to the fact that WordPress doesn’t want to force me to link my gmail account with everything, thus messing me up on other accounts (like Youtube, because my gmail account was banned from Youtube for some messed up reason).

So, WordPress, you have me at your disposal. Be gentle as I am new to this “blogging” style. I am a Livejournal girl through and through, but due to recent events I realize I must create a more public hub to post about things than remain constantly private via my LJ. Besides… LJ is SOOOO emo now–or so they say.

My mother and grandmother have decided to pitch in together to buy me a small, hand-held digital camcorder because they realize the time difference may make it difficult to chat online and they would like to see me in some form so… video it will be!

And each day that passes I become more increasingly aware that I will be spending my birthday alone for the first time in my life. Oh WHY, oh WHY did my birthday need to fall on a week day! In the past I was always able to request off–but not this time. This time it’s during ORIENTATION week! I’m going to buy myself a slice of cake and get myself a can of beer from a vending machine and give a toast to myself. It’ll be a blast. 🙂


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